Structure and working method

The RTMKM is a working committee of company representatives who network and openly exchange views and ideas on the subjects of mediation and conflict management within a framework of cooperation and mutual trust. The jointly developed wording of the participants’ vision and mission statement (see above) forms the basis and point of reference for the work of the Round Table.

In addition to members of the association, interested guests also attend the regular meetings. The aim is be for them to become a member, but participation in this way is also possible.

The activities of the Round Table are aimed at people who are involved with conflict management in their companies. These are frequently members of legal or HR departments, but there is no fixed rule about this. The crucial factor is that the RTMKM works independently of consultants and associations in order to specifically represent and develop the points of view and interests of the users of conflict management procedures in the economy.

The Round Table holds one-day meetings two to three times per year. These meetings generally take place at one of the participating companies. Occasionally, there have also been open events at neutral venues. Members who attend cover their own travel and accommodation costs. The facilities and catering are provided by the host company.

Between meetings, the work of the Round Table is continued in subject-specific working committees and through the ongoing activity of the strategy team. Amongst other things, the strategy team identifies issues which could be of interest for future meetings and forms the link between the working committees.

Each working committee organises its own activities and appoints a spokesperson (also a deputy, as necessary) who ensures that the results of the group’s work is documented within the Round Table network. The method and pace of the work, i.e. also the amount of work involved, is determined internally by each working committee. The important thing is that the results are made available to all members and active companies. Short presentations at the main meetings can be used to do this.